Hairy Housewife

The only thing actress Marcia Cross is desperate for right now is her privacy. The 45-year old Desperate Housewives star AND new mother had some very personal photos of her completely sweep the internet. The photos, which appear to be a few years old, were apparantly ‘taken by her husband’, Tom Mahoney. The pictures were discovered by a garbage hunter. Rumors started swirling in 2006 that there were very…how do you say.. provocative pictures of the starlet.

hmm…just out of curiousity, if you REALLY didn’t want naked photos of yourself to be released to the public, why would you throw out a whole bunch of them without ripping/shredding/burning them but  instead you BARELY write do not copy across them..

Just saying…

Perhaps Marcia should phone Jesse Metcalfe and find out if she can get her bush trimmed. (Desperate Housewives joke :D)

Since it is the holiday season, i’m in a giving mood.

Click here for the naughty pictures which are definitely NSFW.



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